How to Timezone

Hello, can I just know please how to put the timezone for everyone (not Zulu). I´m planning my first event. Thank you

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In the top part of where you’re typing click the calendar button

There is this calendar button at the 2nd to the right, click that and choose your preferred time :)

Aeropuerto Internacional Laguna del Sauce - SULS - Punta del Este - Maldonado, Uruguay • Flight Simulator 2020 - Google Chrome 10_27_2020 8_53_13 AM

Ok so you do this

Go to the calendar

Then here. This will pop up.

Select the Date

Select the time in YOUR TIMEZONE

So, for example: 2020-10-27T06:00:00Z


Hey Mateo!

This is actually super easy! Click the calendar icon in the top right and enter in the date and time!

The Calandar Option it located like this:

Additionally, there is a topic created to help show you all the cool features of the IFC. Check that out below, it is super helpful!

Yep! Looks like you chose a day, if you click the clock below the calendar itself, you can select a time

Ok ok, thank´s all of you guys :happy:


No problem 😄

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Just flagged ity for closure

I did too… lol

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