How to Tell Where to Park Your Plane

Are there any websites that give maps that tell what size plane go’s at what gate? I’ve heard of people with charts but all the ones I’ve seen are just maps of taxiways and runways. Even if it’s another way please tell me because it HATE parking my A380 at a regional jet’s gate. And one last thing, are all the gates in IF the same size?


No, not all gates are the same size.

I haven’t found any charts/ diagrams so I look on google earth before my flights.

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Except TBIT on KLAX, every parking spot is the same.

Ask @Kilt_McHaggis about this. He has a whole list of airlines and the terminals they park aircraft at.

I have not as yet created any schematics which are size specific. One of the reasons being there is no safe source for this info. Was toying with the idea of color coding gates by size. Getting input to do so would be painful.

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Check search up the route you are looking for, find an aircraft (select it) then on the right it says what gate number :)

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That may be true, however, it would be a very convoluted method and may not show every gate and what type of equipment is used. You would need to search every flight, see what different types of aircraft schedule this gate and see what holes are left. wow!

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I usually look at the airports website or Google images and find what airline goes where. (Ex. American goes at T4 at lax and JetBlue at T5 in JFK)

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American also goes at T6 on KLAX.

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That is what this scheme says:

Hawaiian and Aer Lingus are also at T5 (very limited though)

OK I now have KLAX info updated on my site:

Just to re-iterate. This site reflects the actual gates, airports and liveries used only in IF

I use several websites to find the same gates used in real life.

Today I was simulating American 1113 (MIA-TPA). I first looked on FlightRadar24 and looked at its gate. Then I went on a map of Miami airport and found the name of the gate. For the next step, I searched Tampa airport arrivals. A website told me the gate that the flight arrives in. I go to the gate at TPA on Solo and look for significant features of the area to help me locate the gate when I arrive. I do the flight…

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