How to tell the controller you have information Alpha e.t.c

After listening to ATIS the other day, I was told Union first communication with the Tower to say that I had information Zulu. This you can’t do because there is no option too. In the next update could the developers please add a message to say that you have listened to ATIS and have information Zulu e.t.c.

There isn’t any ATIS on IF that I’m aware of. So they’d have to implement that too. Which I’m not sure they’re too concern with atm.

There is not (yet) a way to communicate that you have the most recent ATIS by alphabetic designation. This is common practice in real aviation, and I suspect some version of it will come to IF. When it comes, I would expect ATCs will expect this step prior to leaving the gate or at least departure. We will have to see how it develops.

In the meantime, listen to ATIS, and use it as best you can. It is very helpful for the active runways, etc. We do not yet have it open often enough, or people trained to listen to it when it is open, but we are all making progress.

For the early stages of ATC in IF, I think the FDS team has done amazing work, and I am sure we will be impressed with future enhancements.


There actually is ATIS, you just haven’t heard it yet :)

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Well if there is ATIS, the frequency hasn’t been showing in IF. SO I just assume there is no ATIS. Unless the controllers can enable it. Which they should be taxi clearance/instructions for pilots. Just saying… Lol

As Sean said, it is there. It’s not always active, however.

A live controller has to open it, like they do ground, tower, etc. it is not always there. But if the ATC is junior controller or higher they can (and should in my opinion) open ATIS if it is available at that airport.

Well I’d say ATIS is kind of pointless right now because you can make any adjustments in avionics for your aircraft right now and the HUD has an option where your wind speed and direction is. But I guess it’s good for people that train to fly in reality. Like a checklist thing. But, maybe to get clearance for taxi to runway, the pilot has to say they have the information and its up to the controllers to allow the pilot to proceed pending their information. But that would involve a lot more development work cause there would have to be some kind of barrier to not let aircraft taxi who don’t say that have the information lol. Which I see some people, who aren’t aware of taxi rules, very angry/frustrated/confused. So then you’d have to implement a tutorial for beginners. And if your going to implement all that, it’d be beneficial to go according to FAA regs since it’s a simulator.

So I suggest then, another server be created for experienced controllers and pilots called “Authentic Flight Server” where 100% regulations are observed.

Idk. I just went on a tangent. Sorry.

It’s limited, yeah. However it’s a good way to get used to the type of information you might receive, so when you’re able to do adjustments of your instruments, you’ll find that information easily. The other aspect of ATIS is information about some airfield operations (e. g. active arrival/departure runways - especially useful if there’s no wind and all runways show as ‘active’, transition levels, and any other remarks about the current conditions, communication and operations). Besides, HUD states the information that is relevant to your position - but if you’re arriving somewhere, you won’t necessarily have all the details other than METAR if you’ve checked it.

I’m bringing this back up as I think it needs to be implemented


I think so too. To pilots, there should be an additional button to press saying what ATIS info you have (Expert Server only). That’s how the controller would know that a pilot knows what’s going on in the airspace at the current time, not the previous info. Currently, it just says it for you with whatever ATIS name is active.

@SB110 - this already exists… and it’s 4 years old.