How to tell someone your not off the Runway (Unicom)

had a few occurrence in advanced including today where i or others were stuck on the runway but we had no notice and who has the right shouldn’t they go around because today i had landed at tncm and it was unicom so when i had to back taxi to get off to aircraft proceeded to ram me on advanced many may say clear of runway but how do you tell them your not clear of the runway

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You simply can’t.

Hello Ryan.

In your case, I would’ve used Crossing Runway ** so that the pilot landing knows that you are still on the Runway. If the pilot still continues with his landing and strucks your Aircraft, then Report the pilot.

Technically the pilot on final approach shouldn’t land until the runway is clear or you have announced ‘clear of all runways’. Unfortunately many pilots treat the advanced server like its the free flight when there is no ATC.


thanks guys for the feedback why is this in support though?

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