How to Tell Runways In Use For Airports?

How in the world do you figure out what a real world airport’s runways are in use?

Uhh. Ask atc.

I mean in real life.
Example: What runways does KSFO use for takeoff, for landing, and for both?

Never mind:

Someone seemed to have posted this 1 minute after this topic.

ATIS or Automatic Terminal Information Service, this helps inform the pilot on runways in use, weather, and any other information like clouds, breaking reported (Snow or Rain)


You tune to something called the “ATIS” which tells you which runways are in use and what the weather is and the frequency to ground and tower etc.

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In this world we have something called ATC, in this world we have something called voices. In this world a controller would get the ATIS or the controller will lead him into a open runway.


By looking at the airport’s traffic flow on Flightradar24.

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And how do I do that, because I never used Flightradar24. I’ve only used Flightaware.


find the airport you want by searching/panning around, and see where aircraft are approaching/departing. Also click on aircraft to see where they have been.

We can clearly see that Transavia here has arrived on runway 06, and is taxiing to gate now. Easyjet is on final for it behind.

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For EHAM this site shows runways that are in use. I hope all airports have information sources like this.

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