How to tell atc your in trouble (ie. low fuel) and need to land now

To add to Naro there’s been bunch of crashes due to insufficient fuel.

Oh boy, circle the Realism™ wagons. Lol. Flights divert all the time IRL. Pilots are constantly doing fuel checks so they know any issues with burn prior to them becoming emergencies. Plenty of westbound transatlantic flights going to the US west coast have diverted to refuel when they face stronger than expected head winds. All of those flights took off carrying the regulated fuel to their destination airport + their diversion airport + emergency reserve.

Fuel emergencies, such as what Air Transat faced due to a fuel leak, do happen IRL. They don’t happen in IF though because we don’t have fuel leaks.

But back to the point, what’s not Realism™ is someone asking why they don’t see the fuel emergency button. It because you didn’t load enough fuel for a flight of under one hour. That’s someone that just wants to create an emergency for fun. Keep up the Realism™ folks…


glad to see this became a popular topic

Ah, you don’t actually have to be on expert! I’ve declared fuel emergency on the training server before because I absolutely screwed things up flying an E-Jet (too fast, too far). Still ashamed of it, but it happens

wait what ? o-o

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This is very helpful thanks, I remember the one time I got ghosted Because I didn’t know were the low fuel thing was

But you know where it is now, correct?

Ya, I think so

I know why I couldn’t find, it’s because the flight I did when that happened was shorter than an hour

Good. You learned! That’s exactly the purpose of a ghost.

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@Kingk… MaxSez: You need to brush up with a little Tutorial reading young Sir… Low Fuel does not give you head of the class expedited ATC service.
Having Low fuel is a Pilot error caused by PPPP.

IF you researched you’d find the AIM guidence::

Minimum Fuel. The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) and the Pilot/Controller Glossary both define “minimum fuel” as the following:
“Indicates that an aircraft’s fuel supply has reached a state where, upon reaching the destination, it can accept little or no delay. This is not an emergency situation but merely indicates an emergency situation is possible should any undue delay occur.”

Non-Emergency, Just Devert to an alternate you should have planned for. Bad JuJu!


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Correction I am currently watching a documentary on Amazon called Ryanair: MAYDAY. It talks about how little fuel the pilots take on their flight in order to keep their job. (Did you know that Ryanair doesn’t pay for its pilots hotel stays or food, and Ryanair makes the pilots pay for their own aircraft type rating). Also in the documentary they talk about 8 Ryanair flights declaring Mayday after being told to hold for 1 hour, so bad fuel planning can happen on purpose!

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