How to tell atc your in trouble (ie. low fuel) and need to land now

How do you tell atc that you its an emergency and you need to land right away such as low fuel?


The option will appear automatically. However, the flight time must be at least an hour for this option to appear.


like total flight time?

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Like if you’re like almost done with flight. Lets say an hour flight In-Game not, Your flight hours :)

Yea. You must have been flying for at least an hour. This is to keep people from abusing the command by flying locally, and flying into controlled airspace with only 2% fuel

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I’m so glad you can’t send that when you have plenty of fuel, people would use that all the time to get a priority landing


Be sure to add extra fuel if you’re planning on calling inbound at a busy hub.

It might be possible to accommodate 1-2 emergency aircraft, but multiple can cause problems, especially on approach.

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Another item that I’d like to bring up is diversion.

If you are running low on fuel, and it’s really busy, just divert to a nearby suitable airport. It makes the ATC’s lives easier and makes your life easier.

Fuel emergencies are a lack of proper flight planning. Land and refuel if you were short of fuel on your load out.

Edit: meaning don’t create burden for a controller in a busy airspace by declaring emergency. Land at an airport not being controlled and fix your fuel problem.


I mean yea thats what we are talking about, how to communicate that… But I already got the Answer. Thanks

Im asking in a situation where you cant make it to another suitable airport, of course its an error, thats pretty obvious

Also you must be on Expert Server.

That isn’t really true happens in real world.

Guess your living under a rock


Nope I’m not. I live pretty much above the ground to tell you the truth. Unless a plane has some sort of emergency, they don’t divert

I’m sorry but it does happen quite a bit

Bad weather

I’ll show you some!


We are not talking about that. We are talking about fuel. IRL they always take more than enough fuel to get to destination + divert if necessary. But I’ve never heard a pilot say « emergency fuel » just because it was too busy.

Thank you for that, king of realism.

Yes, fuel emergencies happen in real life. Just because you’ve never heard them before does not mean they don’t happen. There are various reasons an aircraft can run into a fuel emergency such as improper planning, fuel mismanagement, poor decision making, etc. I’d rethink giving yourself a title such as “king of realism” and then running off and giving people incorrect information.