How to tell ATC you really want a specific runway?

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As you know, in Infinite Flight, when you taxi, ATC likes to choose runways that are closest to you. But how do you tell ATC that you really want another runway? When I recreate flights from KLAX, I sometimes recreate flights that are parked on the 25R/L side but take of using 24R/L. When I tell ATC I want 24R when I am on the 25R side, they keep telling me to go to 25R even though I want to go to 24R. How should I tell ATC that I want a different runway?

If this is confusing, please reply to this topic so I can help clear it out.


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It is really going to be traffic dependent on a request for if ATC can accommodate. Since you brought up LAX, ill use it as my example. but this will apply to any airport.

LAX is a tough one when busy, especially when the TBIT is busy. For someone parked on the south side of the airport, obviously having to go through all of the traffic through the middle isn’t easy for the controller when they are both T and G.

With controllers being limited to only progressive taxi, and not full on instructions, we can’t give someone a realistic arrival from the 24’s to taxi away from the middle and to the west side of the airport.

This means that traffic bunches up in the north/south taxiways between the international terminals. So for someone going from the south side, to the north side - it creates a conflict really before you even start taxiing that the controller has to watch out for the rest of your taxi progression, thus, less time being able to fully manage the airspace.

I try to accommodate requests for runways. And really like sending any west/north deps up to the 24’s anyways. But i dont want to overwhelm myself down the middle of the airport.


Nice to hear. What about Taxiing. On both sides (north and south) there are 2 parallel taxiways. There are 5 also parallel taxiways (west and east) Can pilots utilize one of those if they are allowed to taxi to the north? I see that many departing flights use the outer taxiways that are closer to the runways while most taxiing (to parking etc.) aircraft use the inner taxiways. Is this something that could be used on the Airports?

Ideally - absolutely. Just goes back to the lack of full taxi instructions to help a controller out in accomplishing this. (Not trying to make an excuse so don’t get me wrong). It’s tough when we can’t tell a pilot exactly what we want them to do.

More often than not down those central taxiways you’ll get easy nose to nose situations just because someone isn’t listening to instructions. So it’s typically not because we don’t trust you, it’s the people around you.

That’s what makes vatsim so much easier - i can tell an aircraft exactly what taxiway to be on, full taxi instructions, and avoid a conflict before it ever can happen. Someday maybe IF will get there to give full taxi instructions.


We need to have full taxi instructions with taxiway letters, etc… added into the sim and also the ability to say on Unicom where you will be taxiing.

Also speaking of Unicom, wouldn’t it be useful to have a pushback function on Unicom for really busy situations that don’t have ATC involved.


Ah I wish there was a way around this in certain circumstances. For instance, ATC insisting you use a specific runway for departure when you might require a longer runway due to aircraft weight, weather, etc. I know it’s just a simulator, so some could argue to firewall my 777 and climb like a rocket….which is fun don’t get me wrong. But on a long 10 hour flight across the pond…it doesn’t look right haha.

If runway size is a concern, ifatc are supposed to recognize restrictions like that for a departure - again, traffic sometimes makes us use a certain procedure that gets away from realism concerns.

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That’s why I enjoy IFATC, professionalism is always shown. I can definitely understand the traffic concern, especially if there’s an event or a featured airport that day. But if I’m over 700,000 pounds and they keep telling me to use a 6,000ft runway then it gets interesting haha!

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There is an option in the ATC:

Call inbound > Landing > Request specific runway

Hope this helps

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I should also, mention: follow ATC if they gave you a different runway to the one you requested

At LAX it is near impossible to get a runway change IRL. Since in IF there is less traffic it might be a little different but because of course divergence it is recommended northbound departures take runway 24L and southbound departures take 25R; this is the magic trick that makes airports like LAX and ATL so efficient. When they are able to operate 2 separate complexes, it allows for a faster departure rate. So for this reason it would be unsavory to change runways.

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