How to tell ATC that you've reached instructed airspeed

Recently in expert server I was instructed to reduce speed to 210kts when I entered downwind. I did as instructed but because of tailwind my groundspeed was at above 280kts. Then the ATC tell me I should follow instructions or I’ll be ghosted. As a result I had to reduce my airspeed to nearly 160kts. I know he was asking me to reduce airspeed but I can’t let him know I followed it like in the real world. All I can do is to say sorry in misc messages. Is there any way to tell him I’ve reached instructed airspeed?


You can find the controller in your logbook and pm them to inquire about the incident. Usually IFATC should be trained to recognise ground speed will differ from airspeed.


You don‘t have to tell that. Usually the radar controller should know if there‘s winds that cause these high/low ground speeds. In case you get ghosted, PM the controller and your ghost will be reversed.


The speed instructions are in IAS not ground speed, unable. You did not need to slow down to that speed and the controller should have known that.


There isn’t really a way to tell them unfortunately other than unable. It’s definitely frustrating even from a controller’s point of view. You have the impression the pilot is flying too fast even though he’s not. All the controller can do is compare to pilots near you, but even then sometimes there’s a big difference due to winds aloft changing

@Trio. MaxAsks. (Approach Tailwind V Speed Eye Ball Assessments in 2D)

Lotsa Ghost issued since “Non-IFATC’s” where recruited to serve on the Expert. Recognize thier tested & supervised randomly. As a matter of common interest “What’s the average of Ghost Reversals
of Record for Non-IFATC’s in voluntary service on the Expert Sever”?

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…all expert server controller are tested first, not just randomly spot checked?


All controllers that control on the expert server are heavily trained, tested, and receive feedback when they control.
There’s no controller on the expert server that hasn’t been tested.

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We’re human but we are trained and tested. I forwarded it on to the rest of the team as a reminder, maybe it would be best to contact the controller. Just like the vast majority of all of the topics/questions, there might have been something else that transpired that would make them send the please follow instructions message. :)


@Trio: Thanks for the Non- Answer to the question as expected. Yes we are all human and are flawed, unfortunately few will admit it.
I note those Non & IFATC’s not Address have defensively “Circle the Wagons” again which has become a trademark of the few. (If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen)

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I didn’t see this on first pass, I’ll answer this because I actually can. For me personally, honestly no lie, I’ve only reversed 5 times for a mistake on my end (not including technical issues that are not controller error). I can’t speak for everyone though obviously, but it’s more the same from what I’ve seen and heard. If there is a pattern of controller error ghosts those people are dealt with, historically. I’m not part of those discussions so I’m not sure how they are, above my pay grade. Retested, demoted, removed, suspended, etc. is what our manual states. We take quality seriously.

What you see in the public threads leaves out vital information, not always on purpose, usually the person legitimately does not understand what went wrong and apologize after they receive the actual explanation. We very rarely/never give that explanation publicly. PM for more since this is off track but I thought I’d answer the question here.


Thank you all for your reply. I know that licensed ATC should be able to spot the difference between the IAS and GS, but I want to know can I just tell them they are wrong like in real world so I can continue flying, not being ghosted and clear it from here :)

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