How to teach my beginner friend to fly.

Ok I’ll get right to the point. So I was playing IF on my way walking home from school ( Expert Sever if your were wondering ) and my friend who doesn’t really know to much about aviation ( only a little bit more then your average person ). And He asked me " Woah Matthew is that Infinity Flights!?", “Yes” I say. And as we were talking he buys it off the App Store and starts flying around San Fransisco. So of course he crashes on takeoff and he says he’s going to keep practicing. so when we get home I tell him the basic i.e Takeoff,Pushback,Taxi, All that stuff. So I guess we did ok. But before we left he said " Im going to get the pro Subscription! ". and that got me thinking. What if he gets to Grade 2!?, What if he gets ghosted on the training sever?! ( He doesn’t quite understand the ban system yet ) So I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some tips for teaching him about the great simulator Infinite Flight.

Disclaimer: I love sharing the passion of Aviation with my Friends this post is in no way to drag my friend away from aviation I just want him to be more prepared.


You could just outline restrictions on the servers, over speed, acrobatics in active airspaces, etc. Now when he gets to grade 3, a lecture will be required.

Hope he enjoys IF!


Ask him to join the forum, there’s so many tutorials, tips…


I tried teaching my neighbor how to use IF and tried to correct him when I saw something wrong. Long story short after 10 minutes he had it:

“Are you going to let me try or do you want to fly it yourself?!”

Point being: I have no patience lol


Same here I don’t have the best patience ever.

( We’ll I have patience when spotting but nvm )

Lol same here. I’d say the basics are the most important to start before Unicom or anything or that sort. Solo mode with takeoffs and landings repetitively.

Once he learns how to takeoff and land he’s more likely to keep wanting to fly and learn other things. Without learning that first he’s going to get annoyed and eventually quit. Teach him to land and takeoff and it will be a good first step. From there you can go over pushback, taxi speeds, Unicom etc before getting into atc.

Small steps first but the most critical part out of everything is to make sure he’s having fun. If he doesn’t see the fun in it he won’t fly. That’s the key if you want to have your buddy join you in the air online.


Got it. Thanks!

That last part is easy. He already really wants to fly with me :)

Big thing, make sure you show him the tutorials or he joins the community and goes through it himself and once he gets grade 3 remember if he gets ghosted, it’s not meant to be a punishment but for a week to learn from the mistake and improve 👍

Have him join the IFC and look and watch the tutorials.

PS you can’t get ghosted on TS

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(well, you technically can by mods if you do REALLY BAD things, but its far far from the norm)

Since you are friends you should talk to him nice but stricter because you have a relationship and know how each of you are so tell him to join the IFC or tell him the process of violations and so on

Toss him in the air and see if he can stay up there.

I found out that the best way to teach someone is to just get them in the air and try to make them figure it out. Let them have some time with the sim, google some stuff, look up tutorials, and he’ll get it sooner or later. Just don’t let him nosedive in ES.

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The same thing happened with one of my friends. What I did is spawn with him in casual, and takeoff as professionally as possible, and ask him if he can do something like that. Worked for me!

You dont get ghosted on TS

You only get violations

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He should watch the tutorials.

Start with the TBM or somthing like that.
Start with take off and landing of solo.
Then try pattern work.
He should do a small flight to get him use to the auto pilot.

Once he has mastered prop planes, find a jet to sute him. I’m the 737 or A320.

Do the same, take off and landing on solo
Pattern work on solo
Small flight with auto pilot on solo

Then when he has got the hang of it, he can try casule service.
Tell him to ignore other around him that may be silly. Obay by the violations, even thow thay are not enforced.

And you, @Everything_Matthew should fly on CS with your friend to show him the ropes.
Happy flying😁


Teach him how to use the ILS and give him the correct landing speed and everything is fine. Let him learn Unicom on Casual.

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He can be taught by himself and do some mistakes (violations, get ghosted). That’s the only way and the fastest way to have experience :)
No one teach me before. I made some mistakes and now I’m aware of them. But there’s a lot of things I have to read, so much work to do.


Bad idea…were you watching where u were walking?

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Yeah there’s some stones on the way back walking home that you can sit on. So yeah I was in no danger :)

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Introduce him to this community forum, and tell him to visit the Infinite Flight YouTube channel for great flying tips. He will love the upcoming updates to Infinite Flight!