How to taxi to the desired parking

I’m landing at OEJN. I have to parking at Terminal S. How do I know how to taxi to terminal s? I do not know where the desired terminal is located

Download VirtualHub
All the airports diagram and taxi charge with parking Are given


Thank you, but in virtual hub does not say the terminals. says the gates and I don’t know where the terminal is.

This is the South terminal.

In red is the building, and blue is the remote gates. I’ll be helpful here, although I highly suggest using Flightradar24 for flight replays. I have a gold subscription so I can view flights from the past year, so I can view my gates from before all this virus affected the world and aviation :)

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Thank you so much

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I am not sure where is Terminal “S” since it’s not shown in Infinite Flight and I don’t seem to find any Terminal “S” labelled in the airport diagrams. Although there is a South Terminal located next to runway 34L, marked with the red below.

Although please know where to park for the next time. By planning your flight more precisely you will avoid any unnecessary queues on the taxiway. You won’t see a real life pilot that won’t know where to park the aircraft after landing. 😉

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When flying to new airports I always google charts for that airport. Not just for the STAR and SIDs but also for the ground charts to know the locations of the gates and taxi ways.

Example google “OEJN CHARTS”

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If you want the ground taxiways search “OEJN Airport Diagram.” Always works :)

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@Capt_Kanter…MaxSez: : There is a “Better Way”! “ “Add “Progressive Taxi” request to the Pilots Comm Menu on EXP! The Ground Controllers Comm Menu contains the “Response w/Turn direction. That is if the Ground Controller understands he/she is responsible for the infrastructure and surrounding environment.

(Note A Controller response that PT is time consuming and distracting is spacious!)

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Download VirtualHub, it should help also it calculates your descent

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