How to Taxi in Low visibility

Hello everyone, I came across this topic in my morning read and thought it would be worth sharing. It just highlights how dangerous it can be to Taxi in Low visibility. Additionally I am thankful the new airport taxi way maps introduced by devs in Ver. 20.1 they came in handy when I had a Zero visibility one morning last week at KLAX heading to LFPG…without the taxi map and instruments I could not have been able to get to the runway, Center the plane and safely take off.
Here is the link to how low visibility can be dangerous in real life…


Wow! I’d imagine taxiing in those conditions would be nerve racking the first time. Luckily, we have a great system in place to guide pilots safely around the airport.


I remember I was once taxiing in Cape Town in IF when visibillity was only a few hundred meters. Low visibillity was also in the ATIS. A British Airways plane accidentally taxied through me because he most likely didn’t see me, but I forgive him as the conditions were terrible

Thanks for the link to the tips, @KQA03!


You’re are welcome. Yes the fog can be so dense in IF👍 thankfully you/they didn’t get a violation

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Sounds challenging. Good choice forgiving the guy btw, some people wouldn’t do that 👍🏼

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Last year in real life in November after landing in DEN during a massive blizzard, our plane couldn’t move and get to its gate because there was a UA 777 going to HNL that was blocking a taxiway and no one could see it so no one could move. We had to wait for 20 minutes for it to move so everyone else could move.


That sounds petrifying…😳. Glad it all went well

Very cool… thanks for this!

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It’s indeed difficult to taxi without maps !! Thanks to IF devs that they bought the much needed map in 20.1 :)


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