How To Taxi, Hands Free!

###This tutorial will teach you a nifty little trick that will make your flights that little bit more enjoyable.

This may seem like a long winded and long topic to achieve a pretty simple manoeuvre, but once you’ve mastered the technique it makes taxiing and lining up on the runway a lot easier; it’s also pretty easy to grasp.

This may be an issue with the UI and multi touch setting in-game, but until it’s freshened up, I say we make use out of it.

The purpose of this is to allow pilots to turn corners onto the runway or around bends on the taxi way automatically, this means you’re able to make use of those views without having to worry about turning, or perhaps you just want to check the map whilst lining up in the runway. - Follow the steps below. Give it a go.

Let us know if you’ve managed to crack it, and if it makes your time turning any easier. Eventually, you’ll begin to use it a lot more often. I personally find it crucial when turning around a bend and I need to check my flight plan.

Quick note, this dose not automate your speed, so don’t just wiz round a corner and hope for the best. Any questions, leave them below.

  • This trick can also be used for automating reverse thrusting. Usually once you’ve landed and applied reverse thrusters, you have to keep your finger held on the display before you can tend to other controls. Best way to overcome this, is with the same method. While holding down the reverse thrust, with another finger select the ATC icon and realease, voila.

With this, you can also reverse thrust when you want.


Forgot to mention that, I’ll add it on!


I’ve known about this and I don’t use it because when it does happen I’m tuning at an uncomfortable angle. I may try this trick.


The Page selector definitely works for reverse thrust so it should work for rudder.

I usually estimate my timing to turn certain corners, it’s not hard once you get the hang of it.

A very interesting theory buddy, well done.

Some people may find it more irritating than useful, I tend to use it on longer bends to check other controls. Definitely use it for reverse thrustering.

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I find this method annoying, it clutters my screen and makes me focuse solely on that screen, instead of on the ATC instructions.

@Harry, no offense, but using the reverse thrust takes only 10/15 seconds, it isn’t worth the “automatization”.
After that, you use the rudder brakes and slow down with ease (press and pull down the rudder button).


MaxSez. Tricks… I got a trick for ya, Fly the aircraft the way it was designed.
Never depend on systems or automation. That’s why there a humans in the cockpit.

(@Carson… This trick should be removed from Tutorial, it’s inappropriate and not a recognized procedure in any POM, QRF or Training scenario. Let it die at birth.)


Quick! Cut the umbilical cord! Before it takes root!


I hate this bug. If I am rounding a corner and need to make a call to ATC, I don’t want my wheel stuck.


@Carson. Appears someone is determined to retain this topic as a tutorial.
It was switched to General and is now switch back to tutorial. Please review for appropriate filing and pin it. Max


I have done this so many times😂😂

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This really helped when I taxi lol

I’ve known this since I bought live, lol (November)


I think I’ve done this before. While pushing back.

Me too. It’s annoying sometimes though.


You’re use of language never fails to amaze me Max.

Well, until it’s fixed I’m going to make use of it. No-one is forcing anyone to use it. In my books discussion is good, if it’s constructive.

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I hate controls getting stuck by sending messages.
Especially when sending the take-off message to Unicom while making a turn towards the hold short line. I end up in the grass often because the rudder gets stuck and IF doesn’t respond to tilting at that point either.
This bug needs to be fixed soon!


@Harry… MaxSez. Your gratuitous comment is as expected. You routinely vomit your frustration for all the world to see. Soliciting & bold text are a violations of the rules. “Bugs” belong in the appropriate category. Personal affronts are routinely communicated by PM, we who have pride in authorship also understand the rules of civil discourse and collegiality. Have a nice day and keep on plugging along. Gooday.