How to Takeoff the 747-8?

Hello guys! I have another quick question about an aircraft.

Without a doubt, the hardest aircraft for me to takeoff in the sim is the 747-8. No matter how hard i try i usually tail strike.

I see other people doing it quite well, so I was wondering if anyone could kinda give me a run down of what to do?


A solution would be to have adequate speed and slowly pull back. Also if you raise the nose and it doesn’t take off yet, just keep it in the position and the further acceleration should get you off the ground.

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i put +80 trim with small input of nose up pitch with +100% thrust. i know that the thrust % isn’t very accurate so you need to add more speed.

I always use flaps 20 and before that I’ve used flaps 10 but with heavy takeoffs I should use flaps 20 that is way easier. I think it will solve your problems!

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Here is a replay I just did. Tried to show what I meant

To avoid a tail strike, simply watch that you don’t exceed the rotation angle that causes your tail to touch the runway. It should be somewhere between the 5 and 10 degree mark. So maybe avoid exceeding 7 degrees or so.

Then with you limiting the rotation angle (and at MTOW, or whatever weight), there are only two things that affect when you lift off: speed and flap setting. So whether you are choosing 10 degrees of flaps or something else, you just have to accept the speed necessary to get lift off while holding 7 degrees of pitch up. Those are the constraints the flight model offer you.

I needed quite a bit of speed to start the positive rate of climb at MTOW with flaps 10 (let alone flaps 20)!

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