How to take screenshots at 160,000 feet

I decided that I was going to hop on the casual server with the F-22 and see how high I can fly. My procedure is to take off and fly at 3,000 feet until you reach around 1,500 knots airspeed. Then you need to climb to 40,000 feet. Once your airspeed has reached its maximum, dive 30 degrees towards the ground. Once you reach 15,000 feet. Pull up and try to maintain the same altitude until your airspeed is at its maximum. Then you will make a quick climb at 90 degrees. You then will be taken to at least 150,000 feet. With live replay this allows you to take some pretty awesome photos. At this altitude, you can see the curvature of the earth. If you are flying during the sunset while at 150,000 feet, planes at an airport below would be in civil twilight while you still see the sun that is above the horizon. Pretty cool.
PS- The F-22 in the sunset photo looks a little bit like a spacecraft lol :)

This was taken on the casual server at around 10:30 PM Central Time


I already tried to do this once but it did not work, I was up to 90000ft maximum, then I slowed down and could not continue the climb, but I really liked your photo.


Or… climb to 40kft, then at 100% throttle fly directly into the ground and take advantage of the glitch that allows you to be transported into space haha

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I tried that too and I had a violation

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Do it in solo… 😂

You have to do insane speeds…


Or you could do it in casual

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Nice images if only IF would include the space shuttle

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