How to take off professionally?

Hi pilots!

So, I play back since today and always fly with Tap Air Portugal.

I don’t know why, but I think it looks nice!

Now, sometimes I am waiting to take off - holding short - and I see people taking off very nicely in Live.

I wondered how they do this! Because every time I take off I fly left or right, not right!

I know from the red tracks that it is not allowed to take off and I keep an eye on the wind. However, there is usually nothing of wind or just 3 kts and yet it is not possible to take off nicely!

Additional information:

~ Take off from 160 - 170
~ Tap Air Portugal
~ Take-off mostly from London Heathrow

Does anyone have tips?


USE THE RUDDER! One of the most important tips,


I was just about to say that :)


Have you watched the take off tutorial? There are a few, based on the airplane. Very informative stuff #tutorials 😊


Here’s a good tutorial by Tyler :)
Takeoff Procedures


As @Marc said, watch this video :)


Hi buddy!

What do u mean by use the rudder?

I’m playing on my iPad

Tips that can be very helpful

  1. I mainly look at my winds because they are very important that contribute to the takeoff.

  2. I also you trim on all of my takeoffs and doesn’t matter what plane you are in but (12-25%) trims works very well.

^ I say this because when you have the trim it rotates more slowly and make the game more realistic and most of the time people don’t even use trim.

  1. When you line up on the runway line up with the center line. And when you begin to power down the runway use you’re rudder. Because if the wind is blowing just use the rudder to still keep the center line.

Note: As you speed up the rudder will become less effective.

Grade 3

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Use the rudder to stabilise and align the aircraft on the runway center markings. Also use the rudder to fight against the wind to make a more leveled takeoff.


Use of rudder: you will see that when you watch the takeoff video that was suggested.

In addition to the tips above, errors I see are:

  • to much takeoff thrust
  • takeoff at way to high speed - hard to control the aircraft on the runway.
  • no anticipation of the crosswind, using rudder too late
  • attempting liftoff too soon and striking the tail

Mate you can takeoff with 80-90 % N1(a320)
set the flaps on 2. and make the Control sensivity on Low for smooth takeoffs .
This is my opinion
And use the ruder on strong winds !


The RUDDER is magic!

If the plane is going to one side use the RUDDER, if you want to know the VR of each aircraft well I recommend using IF Assistant!

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Thanks for all the helpful tips!

I will immediately get started with this!


The rudder becomes more effective as you increase your airspeed. More air passing over the rudder, the more control you have.


I would not recommend using trim… in a sim it’s different, but in real life we try not to use trim. If you have trim inputs set, and God forbid something happen on the take off, now you’ve forgotten about your trim inputs, making things worse on yourself, etc.

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Also, I know it’s just a sim, but everything from the temperature, altitude, and winds affect your take off speed. And that varies from aircraft to aircraft. It is never just one set speed for that perfect takeoff.

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A couple tips to make your takeoffs great:

  1. Do not have your N1 pass 100%

  2. Calculate you Vr Speed (The speed where you are to take-off)

  3. Use the rudder (Be aware of winds)

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If you follow the great and helpful tutorials provided by Infinite Flight staff, you should be able to take off professionally! 👍

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Thanks to your help & indicated video I am now a lot smarter and I can already take off professionally!

Landing also works better and better! As everyone here says: practice, practice and practice again!

Thank you pilots! Thanks to you, I will soon also be a full-fledged pilot!


I would also put some wind correction in with the ailerons. That’s not talked about that much on infinite flight, but it can definitely help keep you straight down the runway