How to Take Off in the Spitfire

Hey could someone please explain to me how on earth you’re supposed to take off in a spitfire. I was on the expert server a few minutes ago, and what was super embarrassing was @Chitown saw me do a barrel roll and crash on the runway… I then played around a little on solo and just couldn’t get it in the air! It always banks to the left on the runway and then crashes. Anyone know how to properly do this?

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Spitfire for is like the 172. It’s pretty sensitive! Just hold the throttle down till V2 which is around 90kts

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here check this: Spitfire Tutorial - YouTube

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Oh sweet. Finally. Man thank you!

I don’t think the gusting 29kt crosswind helped much.

Yeah but it’s always been like that and to be honest it’s still not working even at other airports on solo I’m banking to the left at 40 knots

You might want to recalibrate you’re phone/pad. There is at least nothing wrong with the spit in IF, it is just you and your system…

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It needs more speed but it’s basically a cub

If winds are too high, keep pulling up so the rear wheel stays on ground until your rotate speed


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