How to take off in straight line?

I always had a question. ‘Why does my plane always can’t take off in straight line?’
When i calibrate again, or use autopilot and set HDG.
I can’t take off in straight line. How can I do that?
Is this a known issue?
(It happens in almost every plane)


Hey there,

It is most likely you are taking off with some crosswinds. These winds will push the aircraft in a certain direction.

check out this video to help you : (4) Crosswind Takeoff - Airliner Tutorial - YouTube


It happens even if there is no headwind at all.

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so even when you set the winds to 0 and use the HDG autopilot, it doesn’t takeoff straight?

Yes it takes off to left.
When I turn AP it turns right after taking off left

Your probably tilting your device on rotation, or the aircraft is stalling on takeoff leading it to bank one way.


Might want to check your settings in that case. This usually is caused as @Jay003 mentioned above tilting your device or stalling. Another case might be control sensitivity if it set too high. I’d recommend setting it to ,low" for less input requiring planes.

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Are you taking off slowly and with enough speed? Because the closer to stall speed you get, the more the plane shifts left and right


hmm that is a weird one, i can try it later on after my flight

What can I do if it happens like this

Are you slowly bringing your engines to N1 50% to prevent asymmetric thrust prior applying T/O power setting?

I always bring my engines to N1 50% – once stabilized at N1 50% I gradually increase thrust to my required T/O power setting.

Make sure your aircraft is properly trimmed for takeoff (TRIM setting). Also, either calculate, or have a general idea, of what your V1, Vr, and V2 speeds are, your rotation speed being most important, based on aircraft weight and T/O configuration setting (i.e. flaps).

Looking at the thumbnail to the video you posted, it looks like your aircraft is out of trim. Not sure of aircraft type from thumbnail, but flaps 15 degrees is likely too much, especially when you have a lot of runway ahead of you. At 186kts, you should be well beyond rotation speed and airborne.

There is a guide to each aircraft type on IFC along with takeoff and landing configuration settings, I suggest you search for this. Best of luck!


Based on the clips you uploaded I would try to look up a tutorial on your airframe. I’m not an expert by any means but N1 should rarely if ever exceed 91% so your probably getting gyro effect from the engines throwing you to the left a bit. A previous user suggested spooling up engines gradually (I throttle to 40% N1 and stabilize before gradually increasing to 90-91% N1). Disregard this as @DeerCrusher has debunked my theory!

I didn’t look at your takeoff weight but at 15° flaps you should be airborne a lot earlier I would think.

And lastly - rudder is your friend!

Hope this helps!


This wouldn’t be a factor since we only have one power slider for two engines. Whereas in the real world you have a power lever for each designated engine. Asymmetric thrust wouldn’t be the issue here. Even if you slam the power levers to the firewall from a dead stop.

Seeing the lack of rudder input would be the main issue here. Even with winds set at 0 there’s still a residual amount of wind that’s affecting the aircraft.


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