How To Take Beautiful Screenshots || iPhone Users

Hey! It’s Don (Or FlyFi) here to give you a little tutorial about taking screenshots. I see that some of you want to know how to take great screenshots (as seen in the IF Photo Gallery), so I’m gonna show you how I do it.

Here we have a regular Qatar Airways 777-300ER. Nothing really special about it.

This could really use some editing.

Step 1: Before taking a screenshot, you should always wait for the interface to disappear.

See! It’s not too bad now. But don’t you want this thing to look appealing? So let’s get to work.

Step 2: Crop out the bottom. (or the top if you’re in Live with ATC) Tap on your screenshot in your photo gallery. There should be something that says “Edit” at the top right corner of your screen. Click on that, then click on the square. Then just easily, crop out the bottom. OR as an easier alternative, you can go to settings and click “Hide Status Bar”, then take the screenshot.

Once cropped, this will be your result.

See! Now this could get respect. However, it’s still just a normal screenshot to me.

Step 3: Filters, colors, and lighting!

When you press “Edit”, there should be four icons that come up on the right side of your screen. The top icon is for cropping, the second icon under is for filters, the third is for lighting, coloring, and black and white. And the fourth is for apps you can use for further editing.

First, filters. I don’t always use filters, but when I do it’s mostly Chrome. Depending on how your screenshot is, you can use a filter.

Next is the lighting. Basically how bright you want this picture to be. I picked this lighting, because I just thought it looked right.

Now for the finishing touch! Add some color to this baby. Once again, I chose to add this amount of color because I just thought it looked right!

And now THIS… Is your final result. Beautiful. Hope this tutorial helped you out!

1: Before taking a screenshot, go to the settings menu and disable aircraft names, aircraft dots, and airport names.

2: Find which time of day you think would suit the photo right. Ex:(Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Night)

3: Find your perfect angle of the plane to take a screenshot of.


Really helpful guide. Thanks mate!

No! I’m still editing this. There’s some parts I left out.

Oh okay. It is good so far.


I do the same thing…cheers @FlyFi!

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Moved to tutorials…

Cheers! @Kevin_Jonas

It’s finished, @emir_sergio :)

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How are these?

This last one is my personal favourite


Wow. Those are really stunning! Good job!

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They are awesome…one more thing…if your device can tolerate, set quality on very high…

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Mine is on very high xD

Thank you very much, master! :D

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Yep, iOS users know how this works.


You can also activate “hide status bar” to skip cropping


Use VSCO App

What’s VSCO?

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A wonderful image editor & share App available in Android & iOS

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I used it for editing this:

The Caribbean.

I can actually take a good pic using a similar way

First off think of what genre do you want

Then you pick it in solo/live mode depending on your situation

Find that perfect moment then you screenshot it. The best shots are 5-10 seconds after takeoff/landing. Gear make the shot better.

KEY, EDITING: Do not use the wrong photo editing app/over edit it. Recommend apps: Snapseed/Aviary



How’s this?

Edit: This photo was never edited ;) @FlyFi

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