How to support developers when paying for your next sub renewal

Hey guys, I just realised you can pay for your Live Subscription on, this is amazing because it means we can give more of our payment to the developers. Why is this you ask? Well apple is a middle man and so is google store. They take a chunk of the money you pay and pocket it for simply paying through their stores. This means less money for the development team. So my recommendation is when you renew don’t do it on the Google Store or App Store do it on the infinite flight website.

edit: this commission is 30%!

P.S. If you see Matt getting a new Porsche…


Most people won’t be bothered to do this sadly… 😐😜

Well apple takes a commission of 30% so :p wouldn’t you rather see that money put towards the game or hiring more developers?

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For Apple Developers, this is in addition to the yearly $99 fee… Not cool, Apple. (yet I still willingly pay for it every year haha)


the tip is to change to paying on the infinite flight website as then this 30% goes straight to the devs.

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But maybe it’s more safer as if anything goes wrong you know Apple will be able to refund you straight away, but I agree it will be better for us to buy it in the website if it means they will get more money

apple done give refunds for in app purchases generally but yeh I’m sure the development team can soothe your worries about that also the dev team are responsible for refunds if you buy through their site.

I and many other people use iTunes gift cards, as unable to use PayPal or credit cards. Sadly the website only accepts those.


haha of course it isn’t worth it in that case. but for those who can its definitely recommended.

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Nah Apple takes only 10% of money, I’m fairly sure.

go check its 30 :p

Check where?

Google: “How much commission does apple take for in app purchases”?

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I swear I read somewhere that Apple takes a 10% cut from the original app price, e.g. an app costs $10, the dev(s) get(s) $9 and Apple gets $1.
That’s maybe not the same for IAP’s.

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perhaps :p i checked online before i posted the commission rate :p but even if it were 10% it makes a big difference if the Devs have access to this fund

I know. I get your point :)

I’m one of those guys that prefer paying via the account page mentioned earlier, though i had to pay via App Store once. It sucks. I’d rather give my full support to a “small” developing team than a huge company. Even though it’s a great company.


I can’t get paypal so I use app store card. Sorry Matt


Yeah but if you buy with apple and something goes wrong you are more likely to get your money back and not lose £40

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I’ve never experienced any issues so far.
And i have to disagree with you, i’ve had the pleasure of working close with card payments and it’s easy to track the payments if something goes wrong :)

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