How to stop pop ups

Hey, i want to do an overnighter but last time i did, a software pop up stopped the whole flight :/ im pretty paranoid of that happening again…anyway of turning it off or not letting it stop my flight?

You mean your device changed to another app during the night?

Pop up meaning like a 10% battery warning

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Ahh ok, I’m not sure, but whatever app it was, maybe go into the settings and see if there is a thing to do with pop-ups.

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Yea this is aonnying. A smth popped up over night saying that my phone wasn’t on the most updated Apple Version for some reason

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I recommend putting your phone for charge when you use infinite flight because the game takes quite a bit of battery and if you want to do an overnighter, you should definitely leave it charging.

You can’t really stop system popups like that. Putting your device to “Do not disturb” is the best option, but important ones like low battery and some software update popups will appear regardless.

Just make sure that your device is updated and charged. That’s the best option :)


The battery warning thing is an example of a pop-up not him actually getting a low battery warning


Keep your device up to date, keep it plugged in with low settings etc.

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I recommend you when you do a flight over night to keep the device on a loading cable. But thats actually clear isnt it?

just leave your device charged and it won’t reach low battery and there won’t be a pop up

Mine still gets to low battery

You can turn off automatic updates and then it will not alert you of a new update.

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Android devices will mostly have a game mode that allows you to set games to high priority. This means that the OS will try to keep the game in the foreground and minimizes all notifications and will close down other services that are not needed.

Ultimately the phone RAM memory is the limiting factor. I found on my old phone with 3gb I was getting IF shut down a lot…now with a new phone and 6gb there’s no problem.

I’m on Samsung One UI and with the game mode set to “performance priority” I can fly uninterrupted. I can still pull down the notification panel over IF to adjust the brightness or switch between WiFi and data if needed.

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Simply leave your iPad plugged in, lol.

I recommend turning off all notifications, or changing your DND settings to exceed 7am and not disable itself until you land.

@SPEEDBIRD101 @AviatorMan, the low battery pop up was just an example :)

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