How to start to get in to REAL flying (civil air patrol)

Hay guys I love to use the app for some fun simulator action. But I know some of you want to really fly and maybe become a pilot. I do to, so I joined the civil air patrol. The civil air patrol or (CAP) in a auxiliary of the Air Force you can join a age 12 and be a cadet till your 18 and every week you go a a meeting at your local squadron.

********** When you join and become a cadet you have 5 orientation flights. or (O flights) each time you and the pilot go up in a Cessna with a new and nice cockpit and fly for half an hour. (30min)
so if this sound fun and interesting to you find a local squadron go to a meeting or 2 and maybe you want to be a cadet to.


Done Did. I was In the CAP when I was a Teenager. Definantly a very fun group of people to be with!

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What is your rank?

Need something like this in Ireland!

Now you said it! But hey sure at least there’s Aer Linguses fully sponsored cadet scheme just that it takes six months to get into to! That’s what I’m going for anyway!

Will have to join you on that one 😉

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