How To Start Off On The Expert Server As A Controller

IFATC Education Group blog post by Eoghan Collins

Upon joining the IFATC you will receive a very warm welcome from many people but most importantly you will gain access to controlling on the Expert Server. We will be giving you some advice on how to start off on the Expert Server and what to avoid.

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Although I’m not new, I’m sure the Apprentice’s will appreciate this!

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Great job on this one, @Collins4486. I also think it’s important to note that mistakes will be made and it will feel discouraging at points, but it’s all part of the learning process! I think this article could have really helped me as an apprentice!

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This is great advice. After ~3 years and over 100,000 ATC ops, I still learn and develop my skills each session. Having replays has been a terrific tool because you can go back and review areas where you struggled and develop a better plan for next time. Controlling a simpler airspace allows you to practice those skills so they become automatic when you get into a busier airspace.

Overall, I wish more would take notice of this and understand the concept of quality over quantity.

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That’s a great point. I also did this, and still do especially with Radar, and it does help!

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