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I was just wondering how I start an event and/or if I need to be a certain trust level on the forum to do so? I was thinking of starting an Aspen Airport (KASE) fly out and I was wondering if I need the approval of a moderator to proceed. If someone could please let me know, I’d really appreciate it.

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Check out the thread below, it has the key info on the requirements and steps on creating an event:

Hope to see an event from you in the future :)


There’s no approval needed but you do need to be a Trust Level 2 (member) or higher to create an event.

Events have a scheduled date/time and can include additional requirements such as gates, liveries, planes, etc.

Being a newer member, you can post in #live:groupflights which is a flight within 3 hours of the current time but it does not have restrictions on gates or planes.

Events are more organized while group flights are more along the lines of “Hey come fly with me”. The group flights category also has its own rules pertaining to post formatting.


I would suggest that you start out arranging a few short Group flights, they are easier to orgnise and simular in format to larger events before trying your hand at events.

As a sugestion when you start your own events is to start off with a simple plan , simular to a group event, ie flght from ASPEN to Houston, and plan say 7-10 days ahead. That way you will start to build up experince so that you can run bigger events in the future!

good luck

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