How to start a Virtual Airline

Hi there. I was looking through the Virtual Airlines and found there was no Air New Zealand Virtual, I was wondering if someone could tell me or advise me on how to make it?


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Hey there!

Check this topic out!

Also, unfortunately Air New Zealand is on IFVARB’s airline Banned list which can’t be made

Hey mate,

I believe the reason why there is no Air New Zealand Virtual, was because of copyright claims from the actual airline themselves, and I believe that they did in fact threaten legal action if they didn’t close the virtual airline down.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe Air New Zealand Virtual is on the list of banned Virtual Airlines for the IFVARB to avoid others creating it again in the future.

Oh ok. So should I just join another virtual airline? Also thanks.

You can still make another VA/VO.

Also, you can join any VA/VO if you meet their requirements


Just because Air New Zealand virtual is on the banned list does NOT mean that you can’t make one! Take a look at Non-Stop Virtual! They are modeled after Lufthansa, an airline on the banned list. Some unique names for an Air New Zealand Virtual could be Kiwi Virtual, Aotearoa Virtual, white cloud virtual. All are names for New Zealand as a country and can make a good VA name!


Thank you, and how do you make it. Is it a website or what,

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Yes. Go to the website linked by @MJP_27 above for how to make a VA. Just as an FYI, because ANZ (Air New Zealand) is on the banned list, you can’t use the Air New Zealand name, logo, tag line, or anything like that. I would take a look at Non-Stop Virtual and how they resemble Lufthansa without specifically having their logo, tag line, or name!


Hey there,
As previously stated (just to beat a dead horse), ANZ is banned.

HOWEVER, Oceania Pilots Group is a VO based on ANZ and Australian routes.

I’ll tag @Air_Boss - he’s the CEO there.

As far as creating a VA goes:
It’s actually a lot of work. You need a good website, route database, good staff, crew center, TL2 minimum on IFC, experience statement and an Ops Plan just to start.

It’s a lot of work but it’s a lot of fun.

Take care :)


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