How to speed up

i have 2 questions

  1. i cant see real planes in live mode instead i see only white dots

  2. how to speed up the flight in live mode

  1. You can change your “Airplane Count” in the app setting, it’s under the “Live” tab.

  2. You are unable to speed up flight in live mode, only solo. Unless you go at a faster airspeed.


Doing this does change how much aircraft you can see, if it doesn’t help to much it may be your device not being able to load all of the aircraft details/models.

I have a higher-end device and it still doesn’t show “all” the aircraft around and I think this will be fixed! But I would recommend while taxing to have your map zoomed in so you can see other aircraft to avoid violations for taxiing through others. Have an amazing day!


i can not see orignal airplanes instead i see white dots, i am using iphone 12 pro max
how can i fix this

As said, please go to settings and increase the “Airplane Count” :)

Bro he wants to see the ‘airplanes’ not the white dots

Increasing the airplane count to max only increases how many dots you can see unless your previous settings were none

For now, IF limits all the aircraft with white dots instead for reasons such as storage and for better performance. Seeing 100+ aircraft in a busy airport will lower down your phone’s performance and storage since it will have to render so many different aircrafts.

That’s exactly how you change it. You have the option to change it to “None” (no aircraft seen, only dots) to “Very High” which lets you see the maximum possible aircraft near you which I believe is 25.


i want to see airplanes tell me the setting to change

No, it increased the number of actual models you can see :)

So @Hashir_Bin_Saeed - increase the airplane count which you can find under Settings -> Live. Bear in mind that there’s no option to see ALL on a crowded airport. And the higher you have this setting, the more impact it has on performance.

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Settings > live > airplane count

thanks bro it works

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