How to Southwest!

Today we will bring people from the land of bad NFL team to gambling country!

Get on the plane. QUICKLY.

Once you have started your taxi, you will taxi faster.

Once you hit 100knts on the taxiway drift onto the runway.

Take off with flaps to quickly take off. NO DELAYS HERE.

Start to reach your desired altitude but stay under 500ft.

Your plane might flip but as long as you don’t die, your fine!

Don’t worry the pilots are (kinda) trained.

Again altitude is what you choose. I’m most comfortable under 100ft.

You have arrived, but use parking brakes to slow down.

You have drifted to the terminal.
Now go and gamble your savings!


I need to tell Southwest pilots to go back to flight school.


Southwest does taxi pretty fast 😂

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lol! (10 chars)

hahaha if you’re wondering, here’s The Ultimate Guide to How TO Spirit Airlines, if you’re flying for spirit

I approve of this

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