How to sign in my ios account on an Android equipment

I have a pro account on my iPad and I have paid it for a year , but how can I drive on my Android cell ? I think it’s unreasonable and too expensive for me to buy it again . What should I do ? Thank you for your support !

What device is your android

Just sign in on your other device and don’t fly on both devices at one time.

one plus 6

Just sign in on infinite flight you should be fine.

how can I check my account number on ipad software ?

There is a vital important thing that I can’t download an Android app on Google Play Store , because this Android app is not compatible with my one plus 6

You have to purchase the app again but the subscription can be carried over.

The app and the subscription are different.

Yes, you have to purchase the compatible version of the app again, as you do with all applications. IF is no different from any other in that department.

However, your subscription is valid regardless of device. Do you know how you log into IF? For example I use my Google account on all devices. Others use Facebook. Do you know which method you use to log in?