How to share videos of bugs to the staff?

i would like to share a video of a bug i screen recorded today.

If you upload a video to YouTube and mark it unlisted, it should work

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lit ok thanks i will try it

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@MJP_27 is correct. In addition please utilize the #support category for this type of post with as much detail as possible. Is it reproducible? Under what conditions? What were you doing when it happened. Please do not just post a video with no details. Thank you.

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ah so i was flying the B737 in solo from KSAN to KOAK. i was using the 5X time feature and after some moment without touching the screen, the wings just started going up and down violently.

i have the link to the video

@Gaming_sniper were you going past Mach 1? Most commercial jets wings start doing that in IF past Mach 1. Either that or they pitch up and down violently

well i was at M.78

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