How to set rudder sensitivity in 23.3?

looked around the new controls menu for 23.3, failed to see a rudder sensitivity setting, previously a slider from left (least) to right (most) sensitivity. anyone? any help? thanks.

Go to SETTING → Controls → CONFIG (bottom right).

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youre a trooper Jan, always coming through with the answers we need.


Happy to help!
Have fun! 🙂

These are the columns by the way, the upcoming hotfix will label it better:


What a phenomenal idea

@Jan thought this might’ve been something i missed. Still at a loss at to how “rudder” sensitivity is set in 23.3.

What @Cameron chimed in with seems like what im looking for however, that’s for a flight stick. I’m using a phone, where’s the “rudder” set in the “Motion” section of the controls settings menu?

Older versions of the sim had a “sliding bar” which allowed one to set sensitivity of the rudder behavior from 0% to 100%. I use different settings on B77W than on say a B752 or A220.

Hope this clarifies what im looking for

In that case, it seems the specific setting for yaw sensitivity for the device itself isn’t available anymore.

I only use the setting for controllers and can’t remember ever having used it for the on-screen rudder slider.

bummer, as always thanks for your input Jan

Let me check something…

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This setting is missing from the new Controls screen.

Not sure if it is on purpose.
I’ll bring it up in beta.

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Simple… You cant

Well thats kind of an important thing to miss :(

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Just wanted to check. Are the developers going to do a hot fix to bring back the rudder sensitivity for motion controls?

I thought they were added, but now they seem to be gone again.
But it might have been the extra settings for the API Controller.
Can’t remember.
A lot has happened.

Apparently the setting for yaw sensitivity under Motion hasn’t been added yet.
We’ve made sure it’s getting some attention.


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