how to set a timer on ATC

Like departure and approach, there’s the timer feature.

But I don’t really understand how and when I should use it.

If you constantly use that timer, I want to know how you use it. Thx :)

I use it for example when someone requested pushback but he has to hold position because of other traffic. With the reminder I don‘t forget to give the clearance later. Same for runway crossings.

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All Controller positions now have a ‘set Timer’ menu option.
Just set a timer and after the time has expired, the aircraft will flash. This flashing will remind you as a controller to check on this pilot and see what he is waiting for. It could be, for example that you set a timer for a pilot to:

  • remember he needs a pushback when all is clear (Ground)
  • keep an eye on a pilot you sequenced number 5, and see if he needs re-sequencing (Tower)
  • re-visit a pilot who request approach from a very high altitude, just to ensure you don’t forget about him (Approach)
  • to remember to send a frequency change when an aircraft is about to leave your airspace (Tower, Departure)

On approach frequency I use it to remind myself that someone is RV or visual. I see the green bell on the tag and know that I have to treat this aircraft different than the ILS ones.


I didn’t know how it uses really convenient like you do. That is really helpful. Thank you!

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