How to send messages

Hey guys, I’m pretty new here on IF Forum and I would like to create a VA but how do i send messages to the people who I need to send messages to make an VA?


All information below my friend :)

Welcome to the community!

P.S. @MrMrMan they can send PMs - they’re TL1.


Oh oops! Lol thanks for the correction.

thanks a lot guys @MrMrMan and @Ignas04

No problem! Disregard @MrMrMan’s post, He simply made a mistake like all of us do. You are able to send messages to people. Go into a profile and click the blue box labeled “Message”. When You will be TL2, You will also be able message multiple people at once by adding to Your current conversation or creating a group PM from Your own profile.

If You need any more help, feel free to drop me a PM!

thanks i was just about to ask how to pm

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