How to select “Solution” at a post?

I have seen a lot of posts that have a tick next to them, and when you gate in, you see the post attached to the original one as the Solution. Any ideas on how to do this?

The OP does it or the mods do it.


Oh, fair enough:)

And it’s only available for the #support category :)


Thank you!

Well, there is an option to select it, though…


Where, can you tell me? It’ll be pretty useful

I think near " Like button" but don’t listen to me, because I’ve been disconnected from the forum for quite some time and possibly they have updated and changed it, who knows.

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Oh well thanks anyways

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The solution button appears next to the heart icon (❤️):

  • only in #support topics
  • it is only visible to the creator of the topic
  • mods / staff also have the ability to mark a post as the solution
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Thanks will take a look at it!

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