How to see your violations and ghostings in your logbook

Starting with version 18.1, you can now see violations and ghostings in your logbook.

  • Launch Infinite Flight

  • Make sure you are logged in.

  • Press on “Logbook”

  • Select Live Flights from the bar on the left

  • Scroll down and you will see violation or ghosts in the notes field.

  • Select the row which has your violation/ghost

  • Select the “View Flight Details” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Your violation/ghosting date, time, and reason will appear.

You can then look back at the past 12 months of flight to see your violations/ghostings as it applies to the server access requirements.

Expert Server Requirements
Training Server Requirements


The fact that you can see why you received a violation is outstanding! Amazing tutorial :)


Finally. This should hopefully lower the amount of #support topics related to unknown violations.


Finally, I’ve been waiting for this awhile!

Thanks for the help!

That system is actually very thought through. Well done; and a good tutorial as well.

Let’s see if it will reduce the „Why do I have a violation“ Support requests.

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Kind of off-topic, but I am just curious

Love this tutorial! But did you actually give yourself violations just to give us this tutorial?

…Not on purpose… Take off, climb, forgot to hit the AP speed, next thing I know. blam.