How to see your total violation count using LiveFlight.

With the new expert server requirements, you may need to reference your total violations. Currently you are unable to see your total violations within the sim. However, you can use LiveFlight to see your total.

Spawn as a pilot at an airport. Be sure to make note of which server you are on (Casual, Training, Expert)

Using your internet browser, preferably on a separate device, go to

Press on the image icon to expand the settings.

From the Server drop down, select which server you are on.

Press on the image icon to close the settings.

Drag the map and locate yourself at the airport.

  • If you are a LiveFlight Horizon subscriber, you will be able to search easily for callsigns and airports.

Zoom in enough to see yourself at the airport.

Click on your plane and you will see a popup with details.

Click on the image icon to show your stats.

Your stats will appear. It may take a few seconds for the data to appear.

There you can see your total landings and total violations.

Method #1

Take your “Total Violations” divided by “Total Landings”.

21 / 1562 = 0.0134271099744246

If the number is greater than 0.50 (50%) then you are over the ratio to fly on expert.

Method #2

Take your “Total Landings” and divide it by two.

1562 / 2 = 781

If your “Total Violations” is larger, then you are over the ratio to fly on expert.

How do I fix it?

Simply do touch and go (without violations) to get raise your landing count

How can I see my total ghosting for the past 12 months?

Currently this is not possible from within the sim or live flight. This may be changed in the future.


Very useful tutorial for people who want to know how many violations they have. Thank you for making this!

System ghosting doesn’t count right? To fly in the expert server?

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Nice very useful thanks

So I divide my landings by 2 and that’s how many landings I need to qualify for the expert again?

Correct. Per Tylers post, system ghosts do not count. Only ATC/Mod given ghostings from the expert server count.

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but banned from expert due to ghosting is lifetime correct ?

Take your landings, divide by 2, that the max number of VIOLATIONS you can have.

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Suppose you’re landings divided by two is 50 (100 total landings). If your violations exceed 50, you need more landings. Now suppose you have 60 violations. Multiply that by two and you have 120. Subtract your current total landings from that and you get 20. Now you have the amount of landings you need to get back to expert, which is 20.

Bookmarked! Thanks for another tutorial.

I have 152 violations and have 416 landings but I am grade 2, whys this? Can I have help with this please