How to see what trust level you are


I was wondering how to see your trust level on the community for an application of a VA

It is on your profile and you would also see a badge (below your profile picture) which shows what TL you are.

TL0 - New
TL1 - Basic
TL2 - Member
TL3 - Regular
TL4 - Leader

You are TL2, member!


You can do this by looking into your profile. It’s located underneath your profile picture.

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thanks!!! a lot

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Check your profile card ant it says your rank

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What do you mean trust level?

Hey and welcome back.

This might help you explain what a trust level is. The guidelines listed in this topic are different than the IFC’s guidelines though.

This link will help you explain how the IFC’s guidelines are separate from standard discourse requirements.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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