How to see what aircraft fit what gates

Hey so recently I was trying to find what aircraft can fit at which gate at CYVR and when I searched online I found no answers is there a website/app you know of that can tell which aircraft can fit at which gate.

Note I know the different types of gate sizes like F type which fits A380 sized planes

Usually on the infinite flight app itself, gates that are too small for an aircraft will be marked in red and will be unavailable on the live servers. If it is white, you are good to go

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Yea but without using the app.

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Piggy-backing on Drummer’s reply, you can use IFATC Info - Airport Info. While it may not be 100% correct, it will give a general idea.


Some airports in their Aero chars mention the gate sizes and other airports don’t mention it

Here is a similar topic that may be of use:

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It doesn’t tell which gates though

|A|1|Small GA, most fighters|
|B|37|A-10, C208, Citation X, CRJs, P-38|
|C|201|A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers|
|D|45|757, 767, C-17, C-130, MD11/DC10|
|E|34|A340, 747-400, 777, 787|
|F|2|A380, 747-800|

There used to be an app for that sadly it doesnt work anymore!

Yea I heard about the app and used it but there were missing gates on that app

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Yes it does. But it doesn’t have. Map which you can use google

An example

Oh I probably looked at the wrong thing then well you answer my question

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I use an app called VirtualHub which lets me know where can i park except for the fact that it can’t tell what terminal though! Also, it tells you when should you arrive at your TOD… 😁

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I typed up a list of sizes for CYVR.

General Aviation, Cargo, Hangars

Landmark 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 06: Size B
Remote E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6: Size C
Remote Apron S1, S1A, S1B, S2, S2A, S2B: Size C
South Terminal Ramp 01A, 01B, 01C, 01D, 01E, 01F, 01G, 01H, 01J, 01K, 01L, 01M: Size B
UPS Ramp 01-03: Size E
UPS Ramp 04-07: Size C
Purolator Courier Service Ramp 01, 02, 03: Size C
DHL Express Ramp 01, 02, 03: Size C
Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 01: Size C
Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 02, 03, 04, 05: Size C
Executive Aircraft 01, 02, 03: Size A
Executive Aircraft 04 Size C
Executive Aircraft 05: Size B
Signature Flight 01: Size C
Signature Flight 02, 03: Size B
Orca Airways Ramp 01: Size B
London Air Services Ramp 3A, 3B, 3C: Size B
South Terminal Ramp 02A, 02B: Size B
South Terminal Ramp 02C, 02E, 02F, 02G: Size C
Fedex Ramp 01, 02, 03: Size E
Air Canada Cargo 01: Size D
AC Hangar 01, 02: Size D
AC Hangar 03, 04: Size E


It would take me too long to go through every gate, but the majority are Size C and E. There are some Size B and D mixed in.


Or the best thing i would say is to check the arrival airport in the Home Screen, before you start your flight and figure out where to land if i were to spawn at this airport! You will get an idea where to park next time as soon as you land at your destination…

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