How to see the all HDG in ATC

I saw that my friends are on the departure or approach,they can tell me turn to which hdg,but when I am on the departure approach,I don’t know anything ,can someone help me

It’s the drag and drop vectoring feature which assists the ATC to give a specific heading to an aircraft.
As an approach/departure ATC, Simply press on the aircraft, and drag the purple line to the direction you want it to go :)

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Thanks,in this way,I can see the circle of HDG?

You should know how to use ATC before you use it, as it can be quite complex. To give someone a heading, all you have to do is click on vectoring, then heading. Degrees is simple, just think of it as a compass (0° is up, 90° is right) etc. Another way you can do it is if you click and hold on the plane that you want to vector, drag to where you want them to go, and let go, it should automatically do it for you.

Let me know if this helps!


Take a look at these videos:
If you watched all of them and remember everything or write things down, you can go straight to IFATC because that’s all the information you need

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Hey! Great to hear you wanna to know more.
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