How to see PM’s

Hey guys this is my first post here ever, I meshed a few people on the forum and I’m not not able to see the messages I sent them, could someone help me out and tell me how do I see the PM’s that I’ve already sent

You need to go to “activity” and then “messages” on a phone, or messages on an iPad/PC, and then click on “sent”😉

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hi @thebigman, congrats on post No. 1!

To view your PM’s, click your name/icon in the top right. You’ll see a little envelope appear, click the envelope, then click sent. You’ll be able to see what you send! (obviously replies will show up for you once you click your avatar/name in the top right)


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Whoa, thank you @Latvia and @mwe2187 for such quick help, my problem is now solved, thank you once again :)

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