How to see other planes

This picture is from an infinite post on Instagram, I wanted to ask those circled ⭕️ are live planes. How do I get this too?

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If you’re around other planes and in an airliner that has a live cockpit you will see this too

but you have to be in the air for the TCAS to activate

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You can see other aircraft in the TCAS/NAV panel(idk) once you are airborne

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the TCAS is shown inside the ND

Just want to clarify that this isn’t TCAS. TCAS provides RA Resolution Advisory to planes to avoid collision. This is simply a “fish finder”.


I tailed a plane and I was flying 777-200 ER and I couldn’t see it tho.

They either aren’t around you or your ND screen isn’t expanded to the proper distance to display those aircraft around. You can toggle the distance you want to see around you by going into NAV and by holding and scrolling over the MFD RNGE button.

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What’s the proper range?

It really varies depending where traffic is in regards to your location. On all distance settings it will display traffic if it is in range.

I’ve had traffic about 30 NM ahead but didn’t see anything but yh I would try a flight from KLAX, normally packed with traffic

Was your range for your ND screen set to more than 30 NM? By default when you spawn it is set at 10 NM.

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