How to see IFR Charts on iOS 11 While Flying

Let’s say you’d like as ATC or Pilot you’d like to fly or Direct Aircraft with SIDs or STARs, Well first of all you’ll need a Apple Device that supports Multitasking.
So first of all Go into Safari, then search for IFR Plate sites (Jeppsen or Any) I do recommend Flight Aware as they do have Updated Plates.
Then Pick a SID or a STAR that suitable for your Route, In this case I’m gonna use Honolulu to Hilo. And will use the Keahi Three Departure. Then the Departure chart will appear, click on it and It’ll say “Open in iBooks”, click on it and Tada!filefile

Now into IF and click the Dock Menu, Swipe In iBooks and you’re done!

Enjoy your flight!



Someone should move this to #tutorials

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This is good for solo, but I think if you do this when you’re in live it would loose connection or pause the game. (that would only happen if you leave the sim and open the website in the progress of a session)

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This is proven to work without pausing

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It is? I’d like to see some sourcing on that. The multitask feature currently on iPads has shown connection problems in the past.

Kevin what you’re talking about is iOS 10 this tutorial is for iOS 11

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I have no idea how I ever would of found out how to use the new iOS without this post. 🙄


Well I have the same problems ;)

What is the Dock menu?

For everyone unsure about iOS 11 features check this out

Oh you mean I can just go to Apple to figure out how it works? I don’t believe you that would make this post, well Pointless


Brandon is 💯% correct, the main focal point of iOS 11 is the ability to multitask so if you figure out how that works, which isn’t hard might I just add then boom you have realised you can have anything overlayed on IF.

I figured out that I can watch movies and YouTube videos on multitasking while flying without having to consult this thread. Its amazing what can be learned elsewhere. 😁