How to see how many flags I have

Hello IFC. I was wondering if their is a way to see how many flags I have, thanks!


I looked at your profile screen. Unless the mods have access to that kind of information that us normal users don’t, I don’t think we have a way to check.


When you say flags, do you mean posts you’ve flagged, or how many flags have you received?

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Flags received by me.

Ok, thanks for the info.

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Mods can see how many flags and suspenions the user has.


Thanks for the information.

Do you know if we are able to ask one of the mods for our stats on the forum?

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I never recall asking, the best thing to do is to find out for yourself. ;)


I’ve done it before to ask for how close I was to getting regular (keep mind this was a very long time ago).


Can you filter your PMs? I cant rember a way but it may be possible, if so you could see how many were hidden atleast, but thats far from all of them

I don’t know if that’s possible

I don’t really think there is a way to check as there is not a real importance to it!

Thanks for the info.

Mods can close now