How to screen record on iOS 11

Hi all

Just wanted to share how to record videos on the upcoming iOS 11. A little mentioned feature is that it contains a screen recorder, that records device audio, and you can set it to record the microphone too. However annoyingly you cannot record game audio and microphone audio at the same time. The feature is in the control centre, however you’ll need to enable it first. Here is a video on how to do it:

Once you’ve enabled it, swipe up to go to the control centre or double click the home button. You’ll see a little circle surrounded by another circle - thats the record button. If you want to record a video, simply tap on it and the video will record. Once you want to stop recording, tap on it again to stop it, and you’ll get a notification that the video has saved. If you hold down on the button, you’ll get an option to use the microphone too.

I used the screen recorder to record the video below, and it works really well. However, I found that I had to wait ages for the button to show me the recording had stopped, so I’m not sure how well the screen recording will work for a long half hour flight. I did record a video of another game that was 12 minutes, and it took ages to save.

Here is the vid I made of my landing in a B787 in the BA livery, on 27L at Heathrow. 🙂

And also a BA 777-200ER landing into KOAK, Oakland:

I wrote this post on the public beta 6, so it may improve when the final version comes out.

I also bought an app called Lumafusion that is a video editing app, so know I can edit everything on my iPad without needing my pc. If you don’t want to buy something, iMovie is also pretty good.

I’m really glad it has a native recorder as I’ll be able to record flights and landings now! 😀


Thank you so much for this!!! I was wondering how to do it as I have iOS11 as well.


Ahhh yes I have this as well… I always have to tell people how to do it lol 😂


Really useful tutorial! But a 787-9 00?!?!


787-900 is the 787-9, so that’s correct. Just 2 different ways of saying the same thing.

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My mistake, corrected! Sorry

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The correct way is “787-9”. “787-900” bothers me.


You can already record your screen with Quicktime Player on a Mac.


IOS-11 and IF aren’t they Laggy with IOS 11 Beta

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Aren’t these the same?


iOS 11 - “I love to eat your battery! Nom nom nom”

Jokes aside, glad they’ve fixed the orientation issue.


Nice tips, and fantastic landing 👌🏻

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@Rowdy_Kepler It doesn’t lag I use an iPhone on iOS 11 beta it runs smoothly and fine no lags or crash

Booked mark this for when IOS 11 does come out for the GP. Thanks!

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The latest iOS developer beta runs IF without problems. Only experienced issues with connection, most likely unrelated to iOS 11. The official release of iOS 11 is also coming in less than a month. Quite enjoyable!

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With the connection issues does everyone disappear while you’re still online?

Yeah. That’s the issue. I think it has something to do with my WiFi. My family members experience similar issues on their devices as well

Yeah quite a lot of people have had the same issue. It’s not to with wifi at all. It’s an issue that will be resolved once global is released :) Very annoying bug

Hoping so. I believe tapping on the WiFi logo in the top right when it goes yellow a few times rests your connection. Not entirely sure though. It immediately fixes every time I do it

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Thanks for this trick you have here! Sadly my iPad is old and updating it at this point doesn’t work anymore. I must also say that you made a fairly impressive landing!