How to screen record iOS 9

Hey I’m back with another video (another one) for screen recording for iOS 9. The old one no longer works so I made this one instead.

UPDATE: Shou.Tv is on the AppStore again!

Vote on what flight you want to see me do next

  • Delta E-170 KSAN-KLAX
  • Qantas 717 YSCB-YSSY

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what is ACJ?

That is kind of a name for the aircraft I think
het is de naam voor de A318 liverie’s die ze gebruiken voor privéjets


Thanks dylan

Airbus Corporate Jet

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Thank you @CJ12

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I think I will do a Dash 8 flight instead of the 717

How do you get Air Shou? :(

How do you get shou tv for logging in?

Use VShare or log into a friends Apple ID to get it

Did u watch the video

Never mind, I figured out another way to record on my iPhone. Thanks anyway :)

Oh I got it…thanks!

What he forgot to tell you is that you will need to edit out the parts you don’t want in there because not only does it record all extraneous background noise, but also when you press record there will be posts at the beginning and end of the video that probably shouldn’t be on there.

So I’m just a he now :(. And it doesn’t record a lot of background d noise if you have good heaphones ;)

You still have to edit though…regardless. Otherwise what your left with is a patchwork quilt of a recording and that never looks good. I use the same system you have in your video, but each time I record something it picks up alot of stuff at the beginning and end because there’s no way to record directly from the screen while you’re operating the app. …unless there’s something I’ve missed.

Editing is quite easy. You can use some apps on the IPad or put the recording on the computer. To deal with the noise try tap on your device lightly and record when no one is home with your device case off

Does this work in Canada

It should have you tried?