How To Screen Record For Hours

Basically I was watching a few infinite flight videos time lapse videos and really liked them. So I thought why not make one? I have the editing software and everything, but the only problem is that well my phone is 64gb with half of it gone and it can’t really record a 12 hour flight I’ve been searching for tutorials but can’t seem to find anything to somehow record for hours I currently use a iPhone SE 2020 (and no I don’t have any computers) only a Chromebook💀 with a usb


I don’t create any of these videos but maybe you could make the screen recording shorter by flying on solo mode and speeding up the time while on autopilot. Not sure if that’s how those yters do it though.

Speed up the recording in solo mode to 5x, and then
go from there.

I’m pretty sure there is an option to download the recording of your flight on to your device. You can then airdrop it to another device or put it in an editing software. I don’t make these videos though so there is a chance that I might be wrong.

No, you can only share the replay file which will still need to be recorded

One way I know Pocketrishi the biggest Timelapse YouTuber did it, is by using his Mac, connecting it with its iPhone and recording on the PC which solved the storage issue. Sadly this only works on iOS devices and if you have an Apple PC


I believe you can do it with a windows pc too

I tried with the app he used, it’s not longer supported in Windows from what I remember. Maybe there are other ways

There are many softwares to screen share, If they quality is good you can share your screen to your windows pc and record it on the pc. But the con is the quality might not be the best and it will add load to your device.

Yeah, I was talking about the official Apple app of which I forgot the name. Finding a free, high quality app that doesn’t tries to scam you is very hard from my experience

Do you remember the name of the app pocketrishi used?

I looked it up, and I believe it must have been “Quicktime”. You should be able to find it in the Macbook Apple Stor/Online (that’s where I found it)

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Hi there! I also make long timelapses using only my phone! Here are some tips:

  1. Record in shots. If you are recording an online flight, I’d suggest your shots to be around 30min each. From whatever editor you use, you can just speed up the footage!
  2. They aren’t gonna know. Try skipping the parts that have repetitive scenery (ie deserts). This saves A LOT of time and makes editing easier!
  3. Let your device have a break. Surely you would feel tired after running for hours on end. Your device feels tired to. While recording, take frequent 5-10 minutes of break in between shots just to enable it to cool down. Recording on an overheated phone will make the replay choppy and you may have a barbecue grill on your phone.

Let me know if you need help!

What I use to record timelapses are. [1st] connecting a charge port from my computer to my iPhone then using Quick Time Player to record from there. Here But in this case you don’t have any computers 😭😭 before moving to Mac I used certain Screen Recorders from my iPhone. Unfortunately none of the Screen Recorders I once used are not available on the App Store anymore. 😭😭😭 If they were still available I would be more than happy do list then below.

iMovie - Apple For Mac

That would be the replay file, which is not quite a video. You would still need to screen record it to get your angles and everything.

just download a screenrecorder app (Like mobizen or Xrecorder) then hide the recording button on the notifications bar, then when you ended your flight, open the notifications bar and stop recording. download an video-editor app (like Inshot) and delete the moment where you have opened your notifications bar and edit then your video on what you want!
Hope it was helpful!

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