How to schedule flights after real life

any tips on how to do infinite flight after rl? do you add an extra couple miles for it to be longer?

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Hey! I just use to know when and where flights depart.

I just take the previous planes’ fpl and try to fly it, but because of IF being a live server and not real life, there might be some delays.

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Yep! As @Stellar_G mentioned you can use flightaware (or Flight Radar 24) to see the details of real world flights. If you want to follow them precisely you should use the same Flight Plan, speed etc.

But keep in mind you may still not get the exact same timing since IF and IRL have some factors beyond ones controls at times.


The methods mentioned by others here, and a flight planner tool. One example is Simbrief.

That flight planning site will permit you to enter real world flight data and also modify it to suit your personal flight requirements. It is also set up to auto calculate various flight data including AC data.
It has a built in tutorial function to help understand it.

Maybe this might help you?


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