How to Say Low Fuel

Is it possible to say low fuel because I got reported because I was told to go around but didn’t have enough fuel to make it around?

The low fuel options appears only after you have a low fuel warning from the aircraft

You can tell ATC only after the aircraft issues that warning. The fact that you didn’t see that option meant that you had enough fuel for a go around


You have to have been flying for more than an hour for the low fuel warning to show up

where is it though

it was a long haul, it also happend before but i didnt get reported

How much fuel did you have left?

It appears in the ATC menu, but only when the aircraft issues the warning. You can’t get it before due to abuse issues in the past

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maybe 2-4%

You can report emergency fuel about an hour after takeoff.

And yeah, be cautelous with your fuel, if ATC tells you to Go-Around, whether you have or not, you will need to go around.

What aircraft?

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a350, at HAAB, it showed red for me on eta and i saw about 7 minutes of fuel on final

4% with an A350 is still probably 30 minutes of fuel remaining sooooo

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A350’s fuel can lasts long time; once i was on 15percent and i only lost 5percent on a flight from egll-eham!

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The low fuel only shows up when you have MIN fuel on the HUD. Unless it says that you won’t be able to report it. Once you do get the option to say it, tell it to Approach. They will either get you in fast or tell you to divert, good luck!

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