How to say certain things whilst doing ATC

Hi, I like doing ATC on Training Server but I have a question about saying a phew things like attention all aircraft, frequency closing or frequency busy? How do you do it? I’ve seen other controllers doing this and I think I’m missing a trick. Any help appreciated!

Warm Regards Un Ex

There is an option of sending those messages after clicking on ‘Broadcast message’.

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How, where is it when I open ATC?

These messages are found under ‘Broadcast Messages’. Just scroll down and you’ll see it :)

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Ok so if I’m controlling ground I click on ground and it should be there?

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No matter Ground or Tower, you would be able to find it.

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Ok, thanks for the help!

I’m still a bit confused, maybe a step by step guide

Scroll down on the menu to see the ‘Broadcast message’ tab.
After clicking on It, there will be a few options to send, shown in the second picture above.

To send a message to inform that the services are closing, click on the ‘Closing in…’ tab.

To send a message to inform that the frequency is busy, scroll a bit down after clicking on ‘Broadcast message’.

Oh, yay I’ve found it, thank you so much for your time helping me!

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