How to save fuel

The 757s are not my favorite. Trying to fly a direct route that BA flies on the 757 - LFPO to KJFK - even with planned step climb I am not able to reach JFK without diverting and refueling!

How does trim reduce fuel burn?

That is well out of the 757’s range already. And factoring the transAtlantic headwind your odds are making it are slim.

It is certainly within range, and flown in real life:


Did you try lowering your weight a bit? Most of those high range flights can’t use a full payload because of fuel.

No it isn’t, as noted Openskies regularly fly 757s between Orly-JFK and also Orly-EWR.

Opensky operates 757 fitted with a 114 seat cabin and with additional fuel tanks. That explains why the range is significantly increased.

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Trim affects the effective flight path of the aircraft.

If you trim the aircraft correctly it is aerodynamically in balance. If the aircraft is out of trim then a corrective input will need to be put in, be this with rudder, aileron or elevator.

As you are introducing an aerodynamic force to the aircraft that will, in turn, produce drag. This needs to be counteracted with thrust therefore increasing your fuel burn.


As stated above Openskies uses a ‘stripped’ out 757 with LRO tanks (Long range operations)

The 757 can make it but it is load restricted and MUST be an ETOPS certified aircraft otherwise it’s not allowed in MNPS airspace and therefore would have to refuel en-route.

  • fly at speeds with low throttle
  • turn off flaps
  • turn off flight spoilers
  • decrease weight
  • Fly at correct altitude
  • fly at correct pitch

Do you have the spoiler trick of me? I use it and it works perfect :D!!

That makes so much sense. I have tried with normal passengers and cargo and the fuel was just not enough to complete the flight in one go with ~100 kts headwind throughout in block FL330 to FL390

I have found on some aircraft especially the 787 that increasing speeds via the nose pitches down further increases fuel savings. Like instead of going mach 0.80 go mach 0.82. Though fuel savings is less than 45 minutes.

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Decrease your weight so you can fly a little faster even though it’s unrealistic lol

I think you confused this with, what NOT to do.

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