How to save fuel

Keep in mind that your fuel usage will be red until you pretty much reach cruising altitude and level off.

Going 4k VS will not cut it in some aircraft. Keep it around 2000-3000 depending on the aircraft while climbing. 250 up to 10k then increase to 300ish then transition to the cruising mach number. I do A320 crusing at .77. Seems to work out best for me.

If you are sitting on the ground in a long line of traffic, taxi with one engine. But be sure to start it before asking for takeoff. Do not start it once you are on the runway, ATC will not appreciate the delay.

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This is another reason!!!

It starts on the ground, Single engine taxi if its a long taxi or its busy… every KG/LBS counts


I think it’s about finding a balance. Thicker air = more thrust but also more air resistance. Thinner air = less thrust but less air resistance. So you basically have to find a good balance between the two but also taking into account that the thinner the air, the less lift the wings generate so you need more speed higher up.

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By the way, you know you’re in trouble when: 20171013_225603


Winds are annoying, had to divert to NSFA whilst enroute to Hawaii due to having 30 mins less fuel than required.

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If you go on sim brief and file a flight plan with an actual departure time, it should give you accurate winds. although take abt more. In RL On the A320 we usually take 500KG to a 1 Ton of extra fuel for hoping around Europe, weather is unpredictable at the best of times. Its like that crazy ex who siphons fuel out your car :P.


@Liam_Williams may I say trim +5-7. Or would that be too high of an angle of attack which will result in a stall?

would anyone have any suggestions for a fully laden 787-8 going on 10,000+ nm route. i using FL300 it is now 1:36 since departure should i fly higher what would save fuel?

fly higher, but idk if the 787-8 was the best choice, maybe the 77L (777-200LR) or the 787-9, but a 10,000+ nm route needs a tailwind pretty much

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787-8 got best fuel burn

787-8 Will fly for 23 hrs if you plan it right.


This guide will assist you and will answer some questions you may have in regards to saving fuel and extending your range.

I was in a similar situation 12hrs ago. Step climb with a low VS. Set trim to 52%. Keep in mind as the aircraft progresses, more fuel would be burnt and it would make the aircraft lighter so you would have reduced fuel flow thus the fuel would stil be enough for the flight.


Thanks hopefully I can make lol strong tailwinds coming up on flight windly is great

Thanks so much for the link to step climbing. This is always a huge help in my long distance flights. It’s the little things that make a big difference in the long run.

Trim, trim, trim.

@DeerCrusher told me to adjust the trim while cruising so the pink line inside the button goes away. I started doing this and was surprised at the fuel savings. Even on AP I now adjust the trim when cruising.

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I guess this topic is relevant to the tutorial I created some time ago:

Wouldn’t hurt to share it but it covers the trimming as mentioned by Chris_S: ☝️

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There’s no point in looking at those numbers during climb out. It will always be red.

The calculations it’s making are for that moment only. Your fuel burn is at its highest, your speed is not yet at cruising speed. Meaning your fuel time remaining will be inaccurately low, and your ETE Dest inaccurately high.

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fly with a tailwind and or use a fuel-efficient aircraft such as the 787